Big ups

I'm starting to come around, I think Chet Hanks is my favourite Hanks...besides Tom.

It must be difficult living in the shadow of someone accomplished like that. Take Jakob Dylan for instance, he wrote some fantastic songs and put out a great record, but how can it possible hold a candle, your crotchety old man wrote "All Along the Watchtower", you may as well have been a magician. If Jakob were anyone else's son he would have his own identity, and notable music career, but nope, not even close.

What if Chet Hanks turns out to be the next Eminem, will he be take seriously? I will answer that for you, he will not. Maybe it's the last great hurdle for rappers. Kanye made rappers with Polo shirts from the suburbs cool. Drake made former actors on Degrassi TNG cool. Maybe that's Chet Hanks' barrier to break down.

I'm going to start celebrating the black sheep. Why is Colin Hanks a great Hanks? I mean, I loved Orange County, but basically we're getting a mini Tom at a discount rate. Chet... we don't what we're getting, I'll buy that ticket every time. Big ups.