Half-assed hypocritical protest

So I removed Kanye from my liked songs on Spotify because of his recent behaviour, threatening Pete and Kim etc. just tired of his bullshit and bullying I guess. But I’ll still have Eminem on these same playlists even though he has multiple songs referring to killing his ex. So my question is, why does one bother me more than the other. It’s not like I listen to those Eminem songs specifically, and it hasn’t been a focus for him over the last decade, but to ignore it would be turning a blind eye to what was at one point a large part of his identity. Why is one just silly dark humour to me and the other is an immediate threat with real consequences? Is it just the climate then vs now? Do I just have different standards for different people? Am I racist? Am I a misogynist? Is it because Eminem was always so over the top that he got a pass from me vs Ye whose lyrical tone seems more personal and autobiographical? I guess what I’m grappling with is the grey area between art and identity politics in my judgment. Is there a valid argument or reasoning from my perspective or if has that grey area has been infiltrated by bias. Is there a valid argument in regards to tone? Is it about the art or is it about the time or is it about the people? Or is my decision only about me? Has my judgement been usurped by racist undertones? Or have I just bought into the TMZ hysteria. I guess I’m pretty conflicted over my half-assed protest.