I can do this

At a certain age it’s a very conscious decision to download Tik Tok. You’ve lived through IRC, ICQ, Friendster, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Snapchat and Instagram. You’ve watched them all evolve to have messenger, video, and stories so they all basically feel like the same bullshit. You thought that was it. We’ve reached the peak, what other forms of senseless communication can we add to a platform dedicated to broadcasting the lives of our acquaintances. You thought you were ready to retire. No more new platforms to learn. No more social media politics to navigate. No more who do I friend, follow and unfollow, top 8 bullshit. But then you said to yourself, all the kids are doing it. What’s one more platform. I don’t want to be left behind. One last big score. You went to the App Store and you decided. I can do this.