Here’s a random one line interpretation of some Oscar nominated films, see if you can guess the movie, play along at home. These aren’t all the movies in every major category, there’s no logic here, I’m just being an idiot.

Sweet report Kylo Ren.

Hey buddy, whaddaya say we get a couple beers, smoke some acid and rewrite a little history.

How long does it take to kill Al Pacino.

I don’t know, this is a war movie, it’ll probably win. Cuz not enough war movies have won Oscars.

Taxi Driver....but with a clown.

Biopic. Sad.

Biopic. Inspirational.

Wasn’t this nominated 20 years ago? Did it win then? It won’t now.


Sweet divorce Kylo Ren.

Scarlett Johansson is in every movie now?

This seems like a Soderbergh film... is it?


This reminds me of that movie from the 90s with Michael J Fox ... Greedy, only good. This looks awesome actually, I really want to see it. Subtitles though.