Promising Young Woman

This is the only movie that really stuck with me this past year. I wanted to sum it up as a Falling Down for the Me Too movement, but there's a lot more here than just that. And Falling Down seems a bit silly as a comparison, he's pissed about hamburgers, I mean, I get it, it's about a man at war with corporate america and his grievances are somewhat valid, but PYM is a bit more sticky in its moral conundrum. The scene that got me the most, I'll try and avoid spoilers, was when one male friend says to another "It's not your fault", echoing the supportive line that women often say to one another after an assault. It's dark, it's darkly comical and at first I was shocked by the line. But the line rings true for those two men, they are victims of a sexist culture too, even if they are contributing to it and have the power to change it. Most of us follow the status quo and it takes a brave soul to step outside of those cultural norms. And in the end that person is often seen as the crazy one, the disturbed one, the one who just needs to get over it.