True Autist

In the wall street bets reddit users toss around terms like autistic and it's both self-effacing and a compliment, a very un-pc term of endearment. And they've dubbed Roaring Kitty (u/deepfuckingvalue), the user that started this whole GME thing a legend, a leader a true autist. But I'm starting to think there is more to this term, not just as an un-pc joke, for the people that make such bold moves in complete opposition to market trends. I'm thinking of Michael Burry, someone who is in fact on the spectrum, diagnosed, and is the source of inspiration for so much activity on WSB. So what does it mean to go after something in complete opposition to prevailing sentiments, what voices in your head do you have to listen to and which voices in your head do you have to ignore. What makes someone so monomaniacal that they don't care if they are laughed at right up until the point that they're proven right? This unwillingness to obey the superego then becomes a superpower. Kanye West once said "I have a friend that told me my power was my influence, and I said, 'My power is my ability to not be influenced". I think this ability is innate within us all, but it may need to be encouraged now and again. We can all become true autists.