VICE's guide to being a racist

I was just reading about one of the founders of VICE, Gavin MacInnes. VICE always felt mean spirited. I got it, it was pushing the boundaries, it was there to shock. If you were a teenage boy in the nineties you loved it because it was offensive. Now this dude is one of the founders of the proud boys racist club. And rants and whines about censorship. The thing about racists is they often couple their beliefs in the name of free speech. As if their beliefs are new and radical and need to be heard. But ya know, hatred has been given centuries and centuries of airtime. You can spout racism, but most people just don't want to hear it anymore, and don't want to promote it or give it a platform. It's go nothing to do with free-speech. The world is moving on without you and you're scared. You've identified your whole existence with your gender or your skin colour, and if those things don't have value anymore, than you don't have value. Peace out shock jocks.